Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Photo Challenge - Shiny


yoon see said...

Wow! This is a clever way to capyure the beauty of shinny in dark mid dnight!
When did you start taking photos
Wah Chen, owning your first camera and what inspire you to move on & to hone your skill in this field?

Chan Wah Chen said...

Hi, Yoon See
I started to learn photograpy in 1995. I know how to develope negatives and print both B&W and colour photos. I am still having the equipment. It took a much longer hours to have a good print as compare with digital photography now. With digital camera you can take as many photos as possible and adjusted the photos later using computer software, so everybody can be a good photographer. Nikon FM10 was my first camera.

yoon see said...

Thanks for sharing WC:)
Indeed I can see the joy of you going through phases of learning, developing and appreciating value in art, be it photography, drawing, painting and etc.
Congrats again and keep it up.

I just bought a digital camera this August (which was 2 months back) for the purpose of blogging.