Friday, October 24, 2008

Photo Friday - I Love...

(shot taken by KL...)


yoon see said...

Great passion at work.
well equip art tools and supplies....blow me down
you are so professional wah chen.
I don't even have an art easel.
Continue your great joy in paiting.
I have checked out your devian art page.
Wow! You are so good!
I also want to do one. He...he...
Love your paintings:)

yoon see said...

Forget one thing:
You are so clever!
Paint besides the window,
get fresh air and direct sunlight.
Somemore so concentrate.....
I salute you!!!
Have a nice weekend to you & your family:)

Also look forward for your IF repair.
Too bad, I have to go.
Tomorrow, wait up at seven....
1st student will start at 8.15am. Tire...Good night.

Jama said...

you're one good painter!

Chan Wah Chen said...

Yoon See and Jama

Thank for your comments.

I think everyone of us can draw and paint but we tend to compare our artworks with the others' and think our works are not up to the standard. Also, we do not need many equipment and tools to draw and paint, may be a pencil and a piece of paper will do.

yoon see said...

Thanks for your advice, I will keep that in mind:)