Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thursday Challenge - Wood


Ann said...

I bought a set of this Russian dolls at Sentosa, at Asian Village just before they went bust.

Mine are made in China and made of Bamboo.

Now I find them very useful in teaching my 5 years olds, big bigger biggest.

Chan Wah Chen said...

Hello Ann

Thank for your comment. I have seen your. My set was given by my pupil after her trip to Russia.

Ann said...

You have the real McCoy.

Mine is a Made in China counterfeit. Still it is good enough for me , for memories, and now for teaching.

Where do you teach? Would be funny if you taught my children.

I lived in Singapore for 16 years.


p/s another funny thing, my mam name is Chan.

Jama said...

These are so cute! I wish I had one set like these.

Shelly said...

Nice pic and a good idea for the theme.

Chan Wah Chen said...

Hello Jama and Shelly, Thank for your comments.

Hi Ann,

Wow, 16-year was a long time, so you should know my country very well.

My surname is Chen.