Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Photo Challenge - Tools

I found these extra large size pencils at a 2-Dollar shop 2 days ago. Now I am having problem to find a right size sharpener for them.


Jama said...

$2 shop? you mean at Daiso? they are so cute,great for decorations eh....I'm also from Singapore.

Jama Hameed

magiceye said...

life can get so complicated?!! :)

Chan Wah Chen said...

Hello, Jama and Magiceye

Thank for your comments.

Yes, I bought these pencils from Daiso at IMM Jurong. They are not to be used for drawing or writing, just for decoration.

Emily said...

I like the coposition in this photo... the supersize pencils really emphisise the sureal!

yoon see said...

To me, the three oversized pencils suggest to me the triangle recycle sign.
What do you think and what do you see?