Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photo Friday - Machine

some forgotten old toys...


Anonymous said...

are they KL's? :)

wui seng

chan wah said...

Hi, Wui Seng

I think so. They have been left inside this shelf for many years. Last year I bought a 2nd hand Nikon D70. I did a close-up shot on them when I was testing the camera.

chan wah

Gerald said...

Great toy car collection.

Did anyone mention to you that the bumblebee sticker was used as an air-freshener for Autobot "Bumblebee" in the Transformers movie? Then there was a licensing issue with the creator of the air-freshener vs. the director, Michael Bay. But that's another story.

Chan Wah Chen said...

Hi, Gerald
Thanks for your comment and information. I did not know about the Bumblebee story. This toy was made in China. I don't think the toy maker cared about this.