Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Friday - Travel

1969 August, River Rhine
(Old Kodak 126 film scanned on Epson Perfection 3490 PHOTO. Camera used was Kodak Instamatic 76-X )


Forever Young said...

are u really in mid-life? doesn't look like it from this photo.

chan wah said...

Hi, Forever Young

Thanks for your visit and comments.
This was taken in 1969 when I was on holiday in Germany during my RAF training in UK, so you think how old I am now?

ws said...

hi Uncle,

I like vintage photos!

I can't really tell it's you in the photo. :)


ws said...

I am wui seng, in case you wonder who ws is.

chan wah said...

Hi, Wui Seng

Yes, you are right. With many new scanners around (also reasonable price), it is very interesting to restore back our old negatives and photos. It can be done easily. When I look at these old photos, really feel the time fly.

chan wah